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Cozy Bread

Embroidered Apron

Embroidered Apron

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Thanks to this embroidered apron you don't have to worry about keeping your clothes clean when cooking! The neck loop and long ties, two front pockets, and intricate embroidery in front all come together in an eye-catching and comfy accessory that'll make you long for more time in the kitchen.

• 70% polyester, 30% cotton
• Fabric weight: 9 oz/yd² (305 g/m²)
• Size: 20″ × 30″ (50.8 cm × 76.2 cm)
• Adjustable neck loop and long ties
• Two front pockets
• Blank product sourced from China
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Technical Details

Brand Name Cozy Bread
Size One size fits all
Straps Adjustable straps for a comfortable fit
Color Options Available in black and whites

Product Description

Benefits of Our Customized Aprons

It combines practicality with personal style, transforming the cooking experience.

Here are the key advantages:

  1. Adjustable Fit

    Features like an adjustable neck loop and long ties ensure that the apron fits securely and comfortably, accommodating a variety of body sizes.

  2. Offers Storage

    Equipped with two front pockets, the personalized apron offers handy storage for essential cooking tools and recipes, which facilitates a more efficient and organized cooking process.

  3. Protective Function

    The primary function of any apron is to protect your clothing from spills and stains while cooking, which this apron accomplishes effectively with its durable polyester-cotton blend.

  4. Aesthetic Appeal

    With intricate embroidery and a stylish design, the apron not only serves a functional purpose but also enhances the kitchen's ambience, making it more inviting and enjoyable to spend time cooking.

  5. Durability and Comfort

    The blend of 70% polyester and 30% cotton provides a balance of comfort and durability, making the apron suitable for extended use in the kitchen without compromising on ease of maintenance.

Your personalized cooking apron brings efficiency, style, and comfort to your cooking experience.


Embroidered Apron: Care and Maintenance Instructions

Keep your apron looking its best with these instructions:

  1. Washing

    Machine washes it in cold water with similar colors. Polyester-cotton blends should not be exposed to high temperatures as this can cause the fabric to shrink and colors to fade. Always use a gentle detergent.

  2. Bleaching

    Avoid using bleach on your embroidered apron, as it can damage the fabric and discolor the intricate embroidery. If you need to treat a stain, opt for a mild fabric stain remover applied directly to the affected area before washing.

  3. Drying

    Tumble dry it on a low heat setting. High heat can weaken the polyester fibers and cause the cotton to shrink, altering the fit and comfort of the apron. Remove the apron promptly from the dryer to avoid wrinkles.

  4. Ironing

    If ironing is necessary, use a low-heat setting. Direct high heat can damage the embroidery and the fabric’s integrity. Place a thin cloth between the iron and the embroidered areas to protect the detailed designs.

  5. Storing

    Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. This prevents the colors from fading and keeps the fabric from deteriorating.


Additional Information

Brand Name Cozy Bread
Design High-quality embroidery
Material Durable and easy to clean fabric
Usage Suitable for cooking, baking, and crafting

Frequently Ask Questions

What should I do if my order arrives damaged or incorrect?

Upon receiving your order, please inspect the item(s) immediately. If you notice any defects or damages, or if you received the wrong item, contact us at Promptly notifying us allows us to swiftly assess the situation and address the issue to ensure your satisfaction.

Is this suitable for commercial kitchen use or just home cooking?

It is versatile and suitable for both home and commercial use, thanks to its durable material and practical design features like front pockets and adjustable ties.

Can the customized apron be used for activities other than cooking?

Yes, the functional design with front pockets and its protective material makes it versatile enough for other activities like baking, gardening, or crafting, where clothing protection is needed.

Are there any safety considerations to keep in mind while wearing the apron?

When wearing the apron, it’s important to ensure that the ties are securely fastened to prevent them from catching on kitchen equipment. Additionally, the apron should provide adequate coverage to protect against kitchen spills and heat sources.

Can the apron be customized with additional embroidery?

Yes, the apron can be customized with additional embroidery. Contact our customer service for details on how to add personalization such as names or logos, making it a great gift or professional garment.